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Assignment 1: Resistance

You have probably heard the saying “Change is hard.” This statement is true for organizations as well as for individuals. When faced with change, many employees demonstrate resistance—they do whatever they can to not give in to that change. While some opposition may be natural, it is important to understand that employees need to work past such resistance to be successful at work. It is also important to note that organizational leaders need to understand that the communication methods they choose to announce change can greatly impact employees' initial reactions.


·         Sarah, a 58-year-old employee, is given a Blackberry and told to keep it with her at all times should the company need to contact her. Why might Sarah resist this change? What impact might the direct style of communication, if used by Sarah's boss, have on Sarah? How could this message be communicated in another, better way? What does this example tell you about the role of communication in businesses when resistance is involved?

·      Describe a time you demonstrated resistance at work. Why did you resist? What was the outcome?

·         How did you shape your argument to the needs of your audience?

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Assignment 1: Resistance,

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