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Politics of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Maria A Tisdale

Strayer University

POL 110 U.S. Government

Professor Smith

July 21, 2015












Politics of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


Civil Rights Events that Influence Social Responsibility in American People Today

In the American history, several Civil liberties events have played an indispensable role in shaping the approach of Americans to social responsibility. For instance, the signing of executive order 9981 by President Truman in 1948 was critical in eliminating discrimination among Americans (Carson, 2013). The executive order declared equity of treatment among all persons working in the department of defense. Indeed, this was a milestone in getting rid of the discrimination that was rampant among the armed forces personnel. Before, the signing of the order, only African American served in the American military frontlines. This act was highly criticized by people of African-American descent as it was an apparent show of discrimination based on color and race (Carson, 2013). However, the signing of the executive order brought about equity by eliminating discrimination of the armed officers depending on their colo