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Assembler is particularly a program that enables the processing or conversion of the various assembly level programs to an object file or a machine level program format which can easily be understood by a computer system. While as far as the assembly language is concerned, an assembly language is a very low level programming language of a computer system for a particular system which has a corresponding and a direct relation with that of the logical circuits built up inside the machines or is followed up by the machine architecture code instructions. In order to make the particular code or language to be operational, it is mandatory to have a proper decoder like the assembler that helps in performing the same task by converting particular code to a machine level program. In order to utilize up the program to a proper format, the language is directly being converted to a particular executable machine code by a program known as assembler and the process so is referred to as assembling the code.


In order to particularly recognize each and every assembly codes written, an assembly language use a particular term for each and every assignment, machine operation or an opcode called as mnemonic. These opcode requires a particular operand to work upon while in some cases as per the instruction, it can require one or more than one operands which is g