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What are some of the challenges with virtual teams?


In case with the establishing of any virtual teams, there are a much of the challenges that is being faced up by the people. Like as reference to the video, it can be clearly stated that the guy and the lady sitting up within a particular country had a dealing with a girl on New Delhi, India for a project support which was actually running 3 months behind what it should be. In order to make up with the time, they decided up to follow up with the virtual team from other countries but at a point the girl in India is no where satisfied with the solution being provided by them and wanting a different solution that needs to be take care of. The conflict takes place between their ways of talking with each other, but somehow that got resolved by the lady. While, if being seen from a large perspective, it can clearly be depicted out that following up with the various virtual team with whom the individual don’t even know can lead to serious problem like the conflict which can be very difficult to resolve in some cases, while the language

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