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John Locke was a great English philosopher and physician who contributed his philosophy towards the fact “religious tolerance” and considered as father of “liberalism”. His philosophy was indented to provide all the rights and power to the people to choose their religious without the interference of the government being as law institution. According to Locke God is the creator of all religions and responsible for maintaining the value of the religions in the society. He considered that every individual in the society has got the complete freedom or right to choose their religion and live according to the value of that particular religion. Moreover he tried to prove that religion is the gift of god and no government or other institution has the rights to interfere in the religion selection process for any individual in the society.


According to Locke the uniformity across all the regions will lead to the well management of the society and its values. All the religions should cooperate with their laws and value to lead a proper functioning of social values. As per my concern Locke vision of tolerance was considered a key function to establish strong ethical value related to the religions. According to Locke any kind of violation related to selection of religion will lead to civil war in the society. Every individual should provide the freedom to select their religion in the society and to lead a satisfactory life. Government laws should be instituted to set kind any kind of laws related to the selection of religions by the individual. The government should focus on the external factors to develop the country rather than involving in any kind of interna

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