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Chapter 14:

1-How did Peter Voukos’ ceramic work challenge the idea of ceramics as “craft”? Why or why not do you consider his work to be aesthetic?


Peter Voukos was a famous American artist who contributed his finest art culture in ceramic sculptures. He was very much influenced by the artists and painters of the New York those who contributed their arts by making ceramics as expressive factor in the art. These art works brought a lot of revolution with the art culture of Peter Voukos by pushing him towards the adoption of ceramic art culture. Voukos’ innovation in ceramic art culture moved beyond the imagination by providing traditional wheels, slab built and glazed clay techniques to the sculpture art. Apart from that addition of more color and glazing added more weight from the viewer’s prospect. His expressionist sculpture made the viewers to think about the ceramic art as more as craft more than art value.

As per my concern, the art work of Voukos can be really considered as aesthetic because of his innovative and expressive techniques that are deployed in the arts. He was succeeded in his art work by following spontaneous form and main