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Rituals include certain number of religious ceremonies or action related to religious which always tend towards a symbolic value. Rituals provide a structure to the daily life of human being and also build the courage and trust among the people in a community or society. People generally follow certain rituals in their regular work activities to build some energy with them and carry out the work in an efficient manner. I do perform “Meditation” which is considered as regular ritual for me. Meditation consists of many well defined values which tend to build a bridge towards the spiritual life. I have considered Meditation as daily rituals for my life because it helped me to overcome anxiety, loneliness and other meaningless factor and provided courage and joy in my life. Above all the impact of mediation provided me a rhythm to perform my regular tasks in an efficient manner and get the success in easy steps.


As per my concern “Prayer” which can be considered as daily rituals to provide the best path to the human culture for its existence in this world. When we pray to God it means that we connected our self to the spiritual world to reach to the God. This activity could be easy converted to performance by measuring its impact on the regular life and how it has enhanced the regular culture of human being. If we offer prayer on a regular basis then the impact of such holy activity will create the value of God within us and it will enhance the humanity. More the prayer activity brings enough change with the human activities and this change will be responsible for forwarding the cultural factor in an efficient manner. It is very obvious that our behavior and sense of urgency present our culture and its value. So it is very much necessary to focus on such activities which can represent our present our culture in a defined manner.

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