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As the psychiatrist in a large hospital, you have been called in to evaluate a patient who had been admitted two days before. The patient, Cathy, had awakened in the morning and had been unable to see. She was blind. After being admitted to the hospital and the doctors determining there had been no accident, a complete medical and neurological exam was done. The results turned up nothing that would cause the blindness. You were called in to see if there could be a psychological cause. After talking to her for a while, you find out that husband had died unexpectedly about three months ago, leaving her with financial problems. She was going to have to get a job and she was worried about her employability. You ask if she has a picture of her husband. She says, “Yes, “and walks to the shelf skirting a chair that is in her way.

How would you diagnose Cathy and why. How would you treat her?

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