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Bureaucracies are basically defined as an administrative technique to organize large number of people who want to work together. There are many private as well as government organizations that completely rely on the functioning of bureaucracies for the functioning of their organization. Government organizations like hospitals, universities need badly the principle of bureaucracies to establish organizational structure in their organization. The formation of bureaucracies is done by specially a body of non-elective government officials or much other administrative policy groups. The term bureaucracies generally refer to “rule by desks or offices” which clearly highlights the impersonal characteristics of bureaucracies. As per the history bureaucracies generally refer to the government administration managed by the nonelected staffs. Even though it seems that bureaucracies are insufficient or waste for certain task, but still it has ensured proper organizational structure among thousands of people who work together. In today’s situation bureaucracies completely refers to the administrative system which governing any large institution. The principles of bureaucracies are able to establish a hierarchy among the people in any government of private organization. Many government bureaucracies perform wide number of tasks to bring healthy organizational structure among all the organization. Bureaucracies always aim to implement government policies in any of the activity to take the laws and decisions made by elected officials and put them together into practice.


Max Weber was a historian who described the emergence of bureaucracies for traditional organizations and also it’s pre-eminence in the modern society. According to Max Weber bureaucracies are the special defined administrative structure which developed through rational legal authority. Bureaucracies can bring revolution in both government as well as private organizations to maintain hierarchy among thousand peo

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