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Deviant behavior is generally referred to the behavior which does not stick to defined social or cultural norms. A person might be considered as acting deviant when she or he does not follow the social norms through their activities. There are numerous factors which are responsible for the deviant behavior of human. Much research study has shown that a person will execute deviant behavior when he or she does not realize the value of social norms. A crime is occurred when someone does not care about the law or act that is defined for the functioning of the society which will end with a punishment factor. Crime is broadly separated into two major areas such as property crime and violent crime. Property crime occurs when an individual involves in destroying the properties of others. Violent crime involves the harassment activities that will be done by person towards the other person. Crime is generally done by the people because of lack of law and order knowledge. A victim of crimes is the person who has been injured by the criminal behavior of the opposite person. Victim can receive the injury from both physical and psychological prospect. A victim is having all the rights to get the assistance from the justice department. Justice is the basic rights that have to be provided to the victim by offending the criminal for harassing the victim. Justice department will be responsible for providing justice to the victim and punishment to the criminal. The decision of the justice department will play important role in handling victim as well as the offender.

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