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The director of RM group of company has submitted the financial result for the year ended 31december 2010. Company has released the financial result for both RM group and RM Company. The net profit for RM Group was declared as 1, 881, 00. In similar RM company also accounted net profit as 3,022,000. The director’s share was evaluated at the end of the year based on their willing.  As far as the share of director of the company is consult it was 20,000 at 1 January 2010 and the disposed amount was 20,000. So the final amount is nil for 31st December 2010. In holding company the share of the director was 480,000 at 1st January 2013 and the disposed amount was 1, 20, 00. So the amount moved to the financial year end is 360,000. As per the consolidated financial statement of RM at 31st December, the total number of assets is 32,175,990 and the number of equity and abilities is 32,209,990. The previous year assets and equity and abilities result for RM is 21,067,000 and 21,0