ARTS 125 Individual Assignment: Sculpture in the 20th Century Presentation - 19592

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Individual Assignment: Sculpture in the 20th Century Presentation


Locate examples of contemporary American sculpture on the Internet that are not included in the text. Include examples of each of the following: Art Deco, Social Realism, Modernism, Surrealism, direct carving, Abstract Expressionism, found objects, Pop Art, Minimalism, and Process Art.


Prepare a 5- to 10-minute Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you address the following:


·         How the different sculpture movements, illustrated by the selected images of the sculpture pieces, reflect the development of sculpture in the 20th century

·         The materials used in your selected pieces and why different movements used different materials

·         How the culture of the 20th century influenced the styles of sculpture


Present your Sculpture in the 20th Century Presentation by posting in your INDIVIDUAL forum.



Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines (properly citing within the notes section ALL sources) and include a slide with all references.

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