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Part I- "Drug Courts-Just the Beginning"        

1)  According to the article, the reason that the number of drug courts has not increased is:

2.  According to the author,drug courts combine the leverage of the criminal justice system with:


3.  According to the author, even if the substance abuse offender completes the stringent demands of a drug court program,
    the efforts to return to life as a law-abiding citizen are hampered because
4.  Drug court programs have identified that the most immediate and critical need for most participants is
5.  Under the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, someone in possession of cocaine
     and someone convicted of murder are treated differently in that
Part II- "The Changing Role of Wardens"        
6)  An outline of job duties for the purpose of prioritizing a set of tasks for each duty is called


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