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Write an essay (suggested length of 2 pages) in which you:


A.  Describe the four areas of emphasis in art education: dance, music, theater, and visual arts.


B.  Summarize the content that could be taught in each of the four areas of emphasis.


C.  Provide examples within your essay of specific academic skills that could be taught using each of the four areas of emphasis.


D.  Support each of your examples with appropriate citations from experts in the field, in standard APA format, from research literature and other references.

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Art Education


Art Education is not an individual subject itself it is a term used to describe the four separate and distinct areas of dance, music, theatre (performing arts) and visual arts, which include painting, drawings and architecture.  Experience in art education is a very important aspect of learning for students.   Providing art education to students can remove barriers and allow students to learn math, science and language arts in an informal way.  Students develop self-discipline, creativity and confidence by being exposed to art education.  A refined arts curriculum will provide students the opportunity to create and perform in the arts and help them improve reasoning and understanding skills that are used in the real world. 


Research has shown that early experiences in arts can have a positive impact in reading, writing and math.   There has also been numerous studies done that have shown that students who partake in art education receive better grades, higher scores on exams and are more involved in community service than those who are not involved (Art Education Research, 2006).  These students also spend less time watching television and playing video games.  Brain research has proved that art education strengthens problem-solving skills as well as critical thinking skills.  The research also states that art education adds to school success, academic achievement and preparation that each student needs for success later in life.


            The area of dance in arts education is described as a type of art that involves the movement of the body.  This movement is generally related to music and is performed in every culture and is used in a variety of ways such as exercise, expression, spiritual, ceremonial, etc.  Dance education begins with the awareness of human body movement and it’s potential.  Teaching dance develops communication abilities, problem solving techniques, kinesthetic skills and creative thinking skills.  The goal of dance is to engage the students in artistic experiences.

Students can participate in body awareness and movement through learning dance.  They learn choreography and