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Are Baby Boomers Redefining Old Age?

An Annotated Bibliography

In January, 2008, the oldest baby boomer turned 62; old enough to collect social security. Although I am a late baby boomer, born in 1960, I wasn’t aware of the impact the baby boomers, (the more than 78 million people born between 1946 and 1964), have had on how our society looks at old age. For this research project, I have sought to determine if baby boomers have, indeed, redefined old age. Specifically, I am looking to answer the following questions: If baby boomers are redefining old age, how are they doing so? What do baby boomers intend to do with their time? What events have caused the desire to redefine old age? How will this affect other generations? Are baby boomers financially prepared for a longer lifespan? In answering these questions I hope to find out if baby boomers are truly redefining old age or if they are just surviving hardships caused by or resulting from their past.

This research was conducted from May 2 through May 4, 2009. The resources contained in the bibliography are: 4 articles from popular magazines, 1 article from a scholarly journal, and 2 radio broadcasts. These sources show how/if baby boomers are redefining old age, what events have caused this desire, and what affects redefining old age will have on other generations. One article in particular that has help