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                    Distributed system architectures.

It is composed of the following types.

#1.Client-Server architecture.

These are distributed services called by clients.The kind of servers which provide services handled differently from clients that use this kind of services.


#2.Distributed object architectures.

It has no distinct difference from servers and clients where an object on the same system can provide and use services from other objects.

Distributed software architecture enables information processing to be distributed over many computers rather than being  confined to one computer.




                               Common input and output technologies.


A computer has both input and output technologies attached to the central processing unit(CPU) enabling it  perform different tasks like listening to songs, composed playing videos and playing games.

Input consisting of any data that is sent to a computer for processing  can be in form of an image or typed letters via the keyboard.The conventional input computer technology includes;


  • keyboard-It has letters and numerals enabling input data into the