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Architecture and Art


For this project, we will give a detailed analysis to both a piece of architecture and a work of art. However, we will examine art in your community and life. The objective of the assignment is to apply the concepts from the chapter to art and architecture in daily life. Choose a piece of art and architecture that are from the 20th Century or Beyond!

Part I: Take a field trip around your neighborhood, city, or region. Find one example of architecture that catches your attention. Explain what you see in detail. Discuss the elements of form and function. Which concepts from the chapter reading are applied in this work? Researching the style may help you to add credibility to your analysis. Cite the chapter, and make it clear how you see the architectural terms in use.

Part II: Next, find a piece of art. Consider civic art, sculpture, an image you have in your home, graffiti, street performance, or an art experience that you find engaging. Start by describing the work of art.

Use terminology from the text. You may consider the following questions:

·         What is the medium? When was the work made?

·         Is the work abstract or representational?

·         You may find the flashcards in this week's My Humanities Kit to be helpful. Also, discuss the purpose of this work of art, and what it means to you?

·         Which terms from the chapter reading are applied in this work?


·         Cite the chapter, and make it clear how you see the art concepts in this practice. The essay should contain both Part I and II. It should be at least 750 words

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