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You will now begin to become familiar with one aspect of critical thinking recognizing logical fallacies. This website Common Logical Fallacies provides a list of common logical fallacies and offers two examples for each fallacy. For this activity give one example for each of the four following logical fallacies.

  1. Non Sequitur
  2. Faulty Analogy
  3. Hasty Generalization
  4. Equivocation

Be sure to use examples that relate to your own field of study, either examples that you create yourself, or that you locate in articles in your field. Be sure to follow APA form and style to cite any outside source. 

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Think Critically

            A mistaken belief or thinking causing weakness in reasoning which brings forth unsound argument is called fallacy. Hence, fallacies are arguments that are absurd without solid proof to support the claims. After having gone through the four logical