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This week, you explore another restorative justice model, the Circle Process, that involves a deeper and more internal process. The beginning of the process requires setting some guidelines and creating a foundation to promote honesty. In the Circle, everyone is equal. The Circle allows for all participants to tell their story and express the effect that the crime or harm has on them personally. Through the telling of personal stories, wisdom is accessed and healing and understanding begin to take place.

To prepare for this assignment:

Review your course text, The Little Book of Circle Processes, and reflect on the application of different Circle Processes.

Although not required, viewing the optional video, The Circle, may help you to better understand the Circle Process.

Select one Circle Process and consider how you would apply it to an area of your life.

The assignment (1–2 pages):

Briefly explain the Circle Process you selected.

Explain how you would use the Circle Process in some area of your personal, professional, or social life. Provide specific examples.

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