Application of the Background and Methodology of The Research Process to Problems in Health Care - 17630

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Student chose one article from Week One assignment. 

  • The paper uses a peer-reviewed research article obtained with faculty approval.
  • The paper addresses the questions under the following headings:

o    Definition of the Problem

  • The problem the study was conducted to resolve.

§  The problem important for health care administrators to study.

o    Study Purpose

§  The purpose of the study.

o    Research Questions

  • The main research question.

§  the research question is identified, If  not otherwise stated.

o    Hypothesis/hypotheses

  • The study hypothesis.
  • The hypothesis is identified, If not otherwise stated.

§  If more than one study hypothesis, the hypothesis or hypotheses is stated.

o    Study Variables

§  The independent and dependent study variables are identified.

o    Conceptual Model or Theoretical Framework

§  A conceptual model or theoretical framework is identified in the study.

o    Review of Related Literature

§  The literature review supports the need for this study.

o    Study Design

  • A study design is identified.
  • The number of subjects is identified.
  • The location the subjects were found is explained.
  • The organization studied is identified.

§  The duration of the study is explained.

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