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Why Do You Do What You Do?










Why Do You Do What You Do?

Usually, an organization is contained of different characters who perform assorted functions in attaining the inclusive objective of the firm. Association among the people within an organization is crucial to manage and in motivating the needed actions geared towards meeting the goals at the distinct, departmental, and organizational level. Organizational chart considerably helps in presenting the association between people in an organization (Oregon, 2008). This paper will describe the organization chart of Google Company. The paper emphases on the significant leaders and the roles they play in meeting the company mission. The paper investigates on how the leaders' responsibilities bond to the organization's mission, vision, and values.

Google Company is extensively recognized as a substantial key player in the prevalent growth in the use of technology in the twenty-first century (Hamen & Google, 2011). The company is determined by the mission of organizing the world's information and consequently making it accessible and operational worldwide with a commitment to improving the lives of as many individuals as the company can be capable to do (GC, n.d). Numerous leaders play significant roles to guarantee that the Google Company attains its mission and vision and to sustain the fundamental values.  Google's organizational chart is divided into three, the administrative, executive, and operational level, which present the important functions implemented by various persons in the company.

Google Company Hierarchy

Figure 1: Goog