ANT250 I - Anatomy and Physiology I Module 5 - Case Senses and the Endocrine System - 19158

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In this module, you were introduced to the endocrine system and learned about the various endocrine glands in the body. Like everything else we have learned about in anatomy and physiology, we never “think” about normal functioning until it is compromised. For this case assignment, I would like you to select one endocrine gland. In this assignment, you will prepare a 2-3 page paper in which you describe:

1.The location and normal physiology (function) of the endocrine gland you have selected.

2.Discuss the hormone secreted by the endocrine gland. (eg. what are the effects of the hormone in the body?)

3.What is the feedback mechanism by which hormone secretion is inhibited?

4.Discuss the anatomy/physiology of one condition associated with the malfunction of the endocrine gland you have selected? (eg. a disease associated with endocrine gland malfunction)


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