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Annotated Bibliography for Curbing Childhood Obesity


Obesity is abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat in the body that may lead to health-impairment.  It is one of the major health challenges of the 21st century.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it has doubled since 1980.  What is more concerning is the alarming increase of obesity in children, as they are at a higher risk of growing up into obese adults.  Obesity poses serious health and psychological problems to children, which have short, as well as, long-term impacts.  Obese and overweight children are seen to grow-up into obese adults with premature mortality, high blood-pressure, type-two-diabetes, less agility, lower self-esteem, and many other health-issues.  The reasons behind it are mainly associated with the unhealthy lifestyle (diet, sleep...) and decreased physical activities.  It is very difficult to lose so many extra kilos once accumulated in the body.  So, it’s better to prevent obesity and the good news is that it can be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle and increased physical activities.




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‎This article is specifically about the obesity in chil