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Create an annotated bibliography using three academic sources that provide credible information about the research-based instructional approach you observed. Use the information gleaned from these three sources to complete the Guided Reflection Protocol form, part C, below.
1.  Include your three sources in APA format.


2.  For your sources (text-based and Internet sources, scholarly journals, etc.), provide credible academic information about the research-based instructional approach you observed.

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Annotative Bibliography


McCaleb J. L. (1981). Indirect Teaching and Listening. Education, 102(2), 159.


This article was written by Josheph L. McCaleb from the University of Maryland, College Park.  The author states ways to incorporated indirect teaching within the classroom.  He states that most beginning teacher start out using direct teaching methods because most feel more comfortable teaching this method.  He also states that even veteran teachers that may use indirect teaching are doing so ineffectively.  The author states how important indirect teaching is in giving students more questioning and less lecturing and including positive reinforcement for student’s responses rather than critical or negative comments.  It is important for teachers to develop a range of instructional methods that include direct and indirect instruction.  Indirect instruction carries the pr