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Resources: University Library, Internet, and the Virtual Organizations can be found on the student website at


Select one of the Virtual Organizations that operates in your selected scenario. This organization will be the basis for your PR Campaign.


*      The company that the Team selected to do the LT Assignments on is: Berry’s Bug Blasters, Opening a branch in Mexico.


*      To access the info for Berry’s Bug Blasters, login to the student website:, select the Virtual Organizations link on materials page (under Week 1 – ASSESSMENT), select the link and under business tab on the VO homepage select business. There you select Berry’s Bug Blasters.


Select a PR scenario from the following list:

·         An organization is planning to introduce a new product or service in another country – THE TEAM CHOSE MEXICO



Prepare a 300+ word detailed outline of your campaign addressing the following:

  • Analyze the similarities and differences between proactive and reactive PR.


    • Proactive PR includes free assessment and meeting the home owner first. email updates with free tips on pest control or other outdoor activities. Taking part in neighbor events, hosting school functions.. Giving free service to needy residents.
    • Reactive PR comes from mistakes or accidents, poor PR with clients, intrusive advertising, improper treatments etc….


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


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Proactive and reactive PR are both essential for business success. It is needed to manage and motivate people. Proactive and reactive PR is an important component of the strategic process. If managers start taking part in proactive PR it can help them avoid relying too much on reactive PR.