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An Organization's Image Recruiting Efforts? How can an organization’s image help its recruiting efforts? In what ways can it hurt those efforts? Your response should contain 500-600 words. All submissions should be formatted in a 12 point Times New Roman font. Your answer should contain paraphrased information from at least one a valid source other than your text book and all citations and references should be properly cited in APA format (6th edition). This is a Human Resources Management assignment. Include an introduction and a conclusion. And contain at least three valid source from peer interviewed journals and other scholarly work.
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Generally Image used as a synonym for organizations reputation is becoming the single most important point of demarcation in competing companies and their business brand (Terpstra D E, 1994). An image to be controlled and managed in order to project and survive a good insight of it. The clear image should be built on an organization uniqueness which needs to be understood and managed. Image is the whole sense or impression of an organization. Recruitment is a procedure of pointed for future employees and inspiring them to apply for jobs in an organization (Terpstra D E, 1994).