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AMT 2 Task 2


A. Trinity Community Hospital Community Health Assessment

1. Major Risks Factors Identified

            After review of the group, wellbeing needs appraisal, there were significant danger elements recognized that will influence the essential administration region throughout the following five years. The interest for oncology, administrations are relied upon to grow 34% in the following five years and principally target men more than 65. Similarly as with oncology, cardiovascular administrations is required to become quickly over the following five years with a normal development of administrations to be an expansion of 23%. The largest demand area will be focused on coronary artery disease, diagnostic catheter procedures and angioplasties. Since 15% of the administration range will be more than 65 in the following five years, the interest for best in class, cardiovascular and oncology administrations will without a doubt be on the ascent. Notwithstanding the expansion sought after for oncology and cardiovascular administrations, the biggest interest will be for orthopedic administrations as that range is required to have quick development throughout the following five years. The expansion in orthopedic cases is relied upon to develop 46%, which is a gigantic spike. Inpatient joint and spine systems are anticipated to increment 30% yet the fastest development of all center zones is in outpatient joint and spine the methodology which is relied upon to increment 350 percent.

2. Addressing the Demands from the Community Health Assessment Oncology

            Trinity Community Hospital perceives the requirement for extra e