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1.      Choose one of the Supreme Court cases presented in Lesson 5. Please describe the basic facts of this case, why this decision was important, and how it changed or impacted Americans. You are encouraged to use external sources (outside the Lesson Notes) to aid in presenting facts and opinions on the case. Prepare a fully developed essay of at least 500 words and cite sources used to obtain full credit.



1.       Lesson 7 presented several national policy matters that have developed over the past 10 to 20 years. Using these examples (from the Lesson Notes), please explain how public policy is formed in the American system of government. How is the problem identified? Who is responsible for determining solutions or setting the public policy agenda? (Hint: Read the examples and ask yourself these questions as you read the information presented about each.) Fully respond to the question, in a well-crafted essay of at least 500 words, and cite sources used.


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