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Ms. Armstrong, Thank you so much for being honest with me in regards of your suggestions of placement for Jake. I understand and agree with where you are coming from of your point of view of why Jake is not prepared to be a in a general education classroom full-time. But you have said it yourself, that he is comfortable and showing progress academic wise in the general education classroom with his time there. I believe with him not having the benefit of him being in the classroom full-time permits him to act out a certain way (Mann, 2012). I am not saying this is 100% the reason for his behavior, but I do believe if he was to be exposed to a general education class full-time and was exposed to different consequences for his actions in the classroom, he will be able to abided by the rules and regulations in your classroom, which will end the disruptions and non-preparedness in the classroom (Mann, 2012). Of course, this will not all turn over overnight, but with an academic and behavior plan set in place for Jake, in addition to support from myself and additional paraprofessionals, we will be able to set Jake for success within your classroom (Lorenz-Walraven, 2016). Overall, I feel that with your characteristics and aesthetic as an educator, you will be beneficial in helping Jake progress towards his behavior and organization skills in the classroom and better prepare him within his future endeavors of his education. Every student should have the opportunity to have a teacher that goes above and beyond