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A. Create a story problem using one of the above real-world scenarios as a basis, including realistic numeric values, by doing the following: 1. Describe the real-world problem. 2. Explain all needs (e.g., financial, non-financial, situational) of the hypothetical consumer. 3. Discuss two cost options that are being considered. B. Analyze the cost of each option algebraically by doing the following: 1. Develop an algebraic equation(s) with clearly defined variables to represent the cost of each option. Note: In some circumstances, a single cost option may require two equations 2. Explain the reasoning process used to translate the written description of each cost option into algebraic equations. 3. Solve the system of equations algebraically to determine where the two cost options are equivalent, showing all work. C. Depict the real-world problem on a single graph, using appropriate graphing software (e.g., Excel).
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