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Aggressive Crimes

Chapter 3 discusses various theories grouped into four categories which attempt to explain why people commit aggressive crimes and the US News article provides a case study of the factors which influenced female juveniles to commit aggressive crimes.

However, nearly everyone has their own personal theory regarding why certain individuals are prone to commit aggressive crimes based on their own opinions and experiences.

  • Write an essay (Minimum 500 words) that explores your personal views about what causes people to commit violent crimes and how the material in this lesson has changed your understanding of the causes of violent crime.

In the first part of this essay, briefly discuss your own personal theory regarding the cause of violent crime before reading and studying the material presented.

  • Categorize which of the four major categories of theories (regarding the cause of aggressive crime), your own personal beliefs, or theory about the cause of crime, fell.

In the second part of your paper, discuss how your personal views about the causes of aggressive crime has changed as a result of studying the material presented. Indicate, at least, one of the theories about the cause of violent crime that was significant in changing your personal beliefs about the cause of violent crime.

When completing your assignments, all spelling, punctuation, grammar, formatting, and citations should be written in APA style.  Please see your instructor for any further instructions.

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Personal Views on Violence