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This discussion examines materialism and over consumption in American society and potential impact on values, success, discussion-making and well being.Watch the Affluenza Video before complete the discussion board.

  1. How would you define Affluenza in your own words?
  2. What were the primary symptoms of Affleunza presented in the video?
  3. Do you think Affluenza is prevalent in our society? (Yes) or (No)- Explain why you answered yes or no and provide evidence or examples to support your answer.
  4. Why do you think the statement " people suffering from Afffluennza try to fill emotional needs with materials things to make them happy" is significant?
  5. Do you know anyone suffering from Affluenza, (maybe you)? Describe a few examples of affluenza based decisions or actions?
  6. If you were to make a career choice based on Affluenza how might it differ from your career choices based on values, skills and interests?
  7. List (3) values or qualities that are essential to your happiness and well being?
  8. What steps can you take to insure that those values identified in question 7 can be realized?
  9. Other thoughts or observations?
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  1. How would you define Affluenza in your own words?




Affluenza is a feeling of inadequacy in our society that comes from the average person/consumer. This feeling grows like a epidemic sickness that includes stress, nervous behavior, overwork and indebtedness in one’s life due to the feeling that one must keep up with the ‘Joneses’, the neighbors, the work colleagues, friends or even family members to show or demonstrate out worth by the amount of material things we have or have bought. Affluenza is an endless enclosed circle of buying, saturation, buying some more and then discarding the material object as soon as it is not fashionable, good enough or out of date regardless at times if the object is still adequate and functional still. The underlying core of Affluenza is materialism and overconsumption that can and is fracturing the society we live in due to the volume of commercials, products, and illusions thrown our way as we slowly but surely destroy the environment and ourselves with this neurosis.






  1. What were the primary symptoms of Affleunza presented in the video?


The primary symptoms of Affluenza are nervous, inadequate feelings of low self-worth, overconsuming products and media and buying into commercials that business marketing strategies make in order to sell us a certain way of life or image via a certain

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