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An Advertising Plan to Create an Advertising campaign for a Car aimed to attract the youth

The target market selected for the ad is midline (mid-cost). As the task assigned is to create a new ad campaign for midline (mid-cost) model of recreational vehicle that American RV produces. The basic concept behind creating an effective ad and launching an exciting ad campaign is to target and influence the young generation or in other words age group starting from 20 and ending at 30. This age group has got a very unique demand when it comes to motor vehicles and at times car manufacturing companies find it hard to come up with a product that would create a long lasting impact on the selected age group. Keeping in view of the fact that the age group selected mostly comprises of university students and those who just kicked off their career, the ad campaign has been specifically designed to target people with average income level. This is because a university student or an entry level professional would not be in a position to afford an expensive car. After conducting in depth research it has been found that people belonging to the selected age groups are either dependent on their parents or are young professionals earning on average $24,000 per annum. Therefore; a product that is to be designed should not only include what this age group looks for in a vehicle, but at the same time the same vehicle should be provided at economical rates.

The two main competitors as identified after extensive research are Toyota and Honda. Both the c