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Question 1

A major purpose of cost accounting is to

a. classify all costs as operating or nonoperating.

b. measure, record, and report period costs.

c. provide information to stockholders for investment decisions.

d. measure, record, and report product costs.

Question 2

The two basic types of cost accounting systems are

a. job order and job accumulation systems.

b. job order and process cost systems.

c. process cost and batch systems.

d. job order and batch systems
Question 3

A process cost system would most likely be used by a company that makes

a. motion pictures.

b. repairs to automobiles.

c. breakfast cereal.

d. college graduation announcements.
Question 4

Which of the following would be accounted for using a job order cost system?

a. The production of personal computers.

b. The production of automobiles.

c. The refining of petroleum.

d. The construction of a new campus building