ACC547 ACC/547 Team Article Assignment Week 4 - 19372

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Weekly Learning Team Assignment – Tax Article (1 point)


·         Team is to select an article that relates to the weekly reading material and write a one page executive summary of the contents.  Paper is to be APA formatted and a minimum of 150 works.  Paper is to be posted within the Weekly Assignment Section.

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The “redemption of stock” is defined as a transaction in which the stock from a shareholder is obtained by the corporation in exchange for property, even if the stock obtained is canceled, held at treasury stock, or retired. According to Spiker, Ayers, Robinson, Outslay, and Worsham (2010), one way in which a business structure and ownership can avoid being taxed twice is by having an S corporation. It is not mandatory for a corporation to pay income tax on the profits that the company makes with the S Corporation. The S c