ACC/400 week 4 Learning Team Interpreting Financial Statement - ACC400 week 4 LTA (Graded A+) - 36362

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The CEO of your organization has asked your Learning Team to analyze the companies listed in Problem BYP13-4, of Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making.


Resources: Problem BYP13-4 (Ch. 13) of Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making; and Section 4.2 (Ch. 4) of Communication Skills Handbook for Accounting

Provide an oral report to your CEO. According to the report structure outlined in Section 4.2 of Communication Skills: Handbook for Accounting, address the following items:


·         Provide your calculated ratios and the commentaries derived from the ratios.

·         What information outside the annual report may be useful to you as an investor? Why?

·         Which company is more profitable? Why?


·         Which company’s stock would you purchase? Why?

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