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(PLEASE NOTE THREE DIFFRENT ANSWERS POSTED CHOOSE ONE) 1) Foreign Business and U.S. Taxes" Please respond to the following: • Imagine you are working as a tax professional that has been hired by a foreign corporation to develop a strategy to eliminate taxes on profits generated in the U.S. Suggest a strategy for your client to minimize its tax obligations to the U.S. • Your foreign client is also considering expanding operations in the U.S. through either a branch office or the creation of a U.S. subsidiary. Create an argument that one approach is better than the other for minimizing tax obligations 2) "Fixed, or Determinable Annual, or Periodical Income (FDAP)" Please respond to the following: • You are an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agent who is performing an audit to determine if a foreign taxpayer is avoiding tax on earned income that is subject to U.S. tax. Suggest how you will approach the audit to ensure that the foreign taxpayer is remitting the appropriate amount of tax. • Congress has appointed you to lead a committee to determine if U.S. tax policy is deterring foreign investment. Based on what you know about the current tax code, make a recommendation for improvement.
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"Foreign Business and U.S. Taxes" Please respond to the following: