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1. A strength of the income statement as compared to the balance sheet is that items that cannot be measured reliably can be reported in the income statement. False


2. A company that reports a discontinued operation or an extraordinary item has the option of reporting per share amounts for these items. False


3. Limitations of the income statement include all of the following except

a. items that cannot be measured reliably are not reported.

b. only actual amounts are reported in determining net income.

c. income measurement involves judgment.

d. income numbers are affected by the accounting methods employed


4. Carpino Corporation has an extraordinary loss of $200,000, an unusual gain of $140,000, and a tax rate of 40%. At what amount should Carpino report each item?

Extraordinary loss Unusual gain

a. $(200,000) $140,000

b. (200,000) 84,000

c. (120,000) 140,000

d. (120,000) 84,000


5. The following items were among those that were reported on Nen Co.'s income statement for the year ended December 31, 2007:

a. Legal and audit fees $130,000

b. Rent for office space 180,000

c. Interest on inventory floor plan 210,000

d. Loss on abandoned equipment used in operations 35,000

e. The office space is used equally by Nen's sales and accounting departments. What amount of the above-listed items should be classified as general and administrative expenses in Nen's multiple-step income statement?

a. $220,000.

b. $255,000.

c. $310,000.

d. $430,000.


$130,000 + $90,000 = $220,000


6. Which of these is generally an example of an extraordinary item?

a. Loss incurred because of a strike by employees.

b. Write-off of deferred marketing costs believed to have no future benefit.

c. Gain resulting from the devaluation of the U.S. dollar.

d. Gain resulting from the state exercising its right of eminent domain on a piece of land used as a parking lot.


7. The most popular input measure used to determine the progress toward completion is the cost-to-cost basis. True


8. In selecting an accounting method for a newly contracted long-term construction project, the principal factor to be considered should be

a. the terms of payment in the contract.

b. the degree to which a reliable estimate of the costs to complete and extent of progress toward completion is practicable.

c. the method commonly used by the contractor to account for other long-term construc-tion contracts.

d. the inherent nature of the contractor's technical facilities used in construction.


9. In certain cases, revenue is recognized at the completion of production even though no sale has been made. Which of the following statements is not true?

a. Examples involve precious metals or farm equipment.

b. The products possess immediate marketability at quoted prices.

c. No significant costs are involved in selling the product.

d. All of these statements are true.


10. Reese Construction Corporation contracted to construct a building for $1,500,000. Construction began in 2007 and was completed in 2008. Data relating to the contract are summarized below:

Year ended

December 31, 

2007 2008 

Costs incurred $600,000 $450,000

Estimated costs to complete 400,000 —

Reese uses the percentage-of-completion method as the basis for income recognition. For the years ended December 31, 2007, and 2008, respectively, Reese should report gross profit of

a. $270,000 and $180,000.

b. $900,000 and $600,000.

c. $300,000 and $150,000.

d. $0 and $450,000.



—————————— ×?($1,500,000 – $1,000,000) = $300,000

$600,000 + $400,000


($1,500,000 – $1,050,000) – $300,000 = $150,000.


11. Maris, Inc. appropriately used the installment method of accounting to recognize income in its financial statement. Some pertinent data relating to this method of accounting include:

2007 2008

Installment sales $750,000 $900,000

Cost of sales 450,000 630,000

Gross profit $300,000 $270,000

Collections during year:

On 2007 sales 250,000 250,000

On 2008 sales 300,000

What amount to be realized gross profit should be reported on Maris's income statement for 2008?

a. $165,000

b. $190,000

c. $220,000

d. $270,000


($300,000 ÷ $750,000) × $250,000 = $100,000

[($270,000 ÷ $900,000) × $300,000] + $100,000 = $190,000.



12. Penny Farms produced 800,000 pounds of cotton during the 2007 season. Penny sells all of its cotton to Bye Co., which has agreed to purchase Penny's entire production at the prevailing market price. Recent legislation assures that the market price will not fall below $.70 per pound during the next two years. Penny's costs of selling and distributing the cotton are immaterial and can be reasonably estimated. Penny reports its inventory at expected exit value. During 2007, Penny sold and delivered to Bye 600,000 pounds at the market price of $.70. Penny sold the remaining 200,000 pounds during 2008 at the market price of $.72. What amount of revenue should Penny recognize in 2007?

a. $420,000 

b. $432,000

c. $560,000

d. $576,000


800,000 lbs. ×?$.70 = $560,000


13. According to the FASB's conceptual framework, the process of reporting an item in the financial statements of an entity is

a. recognition.

b. realization.

c. allocation.

d. matching.


1. The following items were among those that were reported on Nen Co.'s income statement for the year ended December 31, 2007:

Legal and audit fees $130,000

Rent for office space 180,000

Interest on inventory floor plan 210,000

Loss on abandoned equipment used in operations 35,000

The office space is used equally by Nen's sales and accounting departments. What amount of the above-listed items should be classified as general and administrative expenses in Nen's multiple-step income statement?

a. $220,000.

b. $255,000.

c. $310,000.

d. $430,000.


$130,000 + $90,000 = $220,000








1. ______ Balance sheet information is useful for all of the following except to

a.compute rates of return

b.analyze cash inflows and outflows for the period

c.evaluate capital structure

d.assess future cash flows



2. _______ The amount of time that is expected to elapse until an asset is realized or otherwise converted into cash is referred to as

a.solvency. flexibility.





3. _______ The correct order to present current assets is, accounts receivable, prepaid items, inventories., accounts receivable, inventories, prepaid items., inventories, accounts receivable, prepaid items., inventories, prepaid items, accounts receivable.




4. _____ Which item below is not a current liability?

a.Unearned revenue

b.Stock dividends distributable

c.The currently maturing portion of long-term debt

d.Trade accounts payable



5. _______ Working capital is which has been reinvested in the business.

b.unappropriated retained earnings. and receivables less current liabilities.

d.none of these.






Quiz 5 continued over . . .

Quiz 5 continued.


6. _______ Which of the following is a contra account?

a.Premium on bonds payable

b.Unearned revenue


d.Accumulated depreciation


7. ______ Which of the following events will appear in the cash flows from financing activities section of the statement of cash flows?

a.Cash purchases of equipment.

b.Cash purchases of bonds issued by another company.

c.Cash received as repayment for funds loaned.

d.Cash purchase of treasury stock.


8. _______ Houghton Company has the following items: common stock, $720,000; treasury stock, $85,000; deferred taxes, $100,000 and retained earnings, $313,000. What total amount should Houghton Company report as stockholders’ equity?






9. _______ Keisler Corporation reports:

Cash provided by operating activities$200,000

Cash used by investing activities110,000

Cash provided by financing activities140,000

Beginning cash balance70,000

What is Keisler’s ending cash balance?






10. _______ Sauder Corporation reports the following information:

Net income$250,000

Depreciation expense70,000

Increase in accounts receivable30,000

Sauder should report cash provided by operating activities of








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