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Forensic accounting (ACC 413) Final Project & Presentation Guide

Assignment: Fraud Project

• Choose one fraud or accounting scandal which you have seen in the media.(selected scandal is of Peregrine FiNANCIAL group fraud was commited by the CEO. tHEY REFERED HIM AS MIDWEST MADOFF, The CEO name is WASENDORF. 

• Prepare a written analysis of the fraud using the following outline:


Section 1 – Introduction (300 words)

• Describe the specifics surrounding the accounting scandal or fraud and the type of industry that it involved.

Background information might include location of the headquarters and subsidiaries, years in business, brief

history, name of CEO, and number of employees.


Section 2 – Fraud Analysis (500 words)

Provide the following components in your project

• Detection techniques used

• Investigation Facts

• Type of Fraud


Section 3 – Impact and Resolution (400 words)

• Financial Statement impact

• Legal ramifications

• Identify any concerns you have based on your analysis


Section 4 – Conclusion (200 words)

• Comment on any additional information you would want to have about the fraud and summarize your main points

Please note that you must follow APA formatting standards for your final project.

Assignment: Final Presentation Slides and Delivery


• Create a 6–12 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that outlines your project. The slides will be evaluatedfor:

·          Content

·          Relevance

·          Layout

·          Readability

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