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ACC 410 Week 5 Assignment

1. In auditing the long-term investments account, an auditor is unable to obtain audited financial statements for an investee located in a foreign country. The auditor concludes that sufficient appropriate audit evidence regarding this investment cannot be obtained.


2. Due to recurring operating losses and working capital deficiencies, an auditor has substantial doubt about an entity’s ability to continue as a going concern for a reasonable period of time. However, the financial statement disclosures concerning these matters are adequate.


3. A principal auditor decides to take responsibility for the work of another CPA who audited a wholly owned subsidiary of the entity and issued an unqualified opinion. The total assets and revenues of the subsidiary represent 17 percent and 18 percent, respectively, for the total assets and revenues of the entity being audited.


4. An entity issues financial statements that present financial position and results of operations but omits the related statement of cash flows. Management discloses in the notes to the financial statements that it does not believe that statement of cash flows to be a useful financial statement.


5. An entity changes its depreciation method for production equipment from straight-line to a units-of-production method based on hours of utilization. The auditor concurs with the change, although it has a material effect on the comparability of the entity’s financial statements.


6. An entity discloses certain lease obligations in the notes to the financial statements. The auditor believes that the failure to capitalize these leases is a departure from generally accepted accounting principles.


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