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What you need to know

Social computing is the next step in communities, and

it is here to stay.

Most CIOs are using social computing now for

internal workplace empowerment.

A few organizations, especially those that are actual

communities, have had great success online with social


Consumer brand companies see social computing

mainly as a brand enhancing, 'must try' activity.


Use social computing as an internal and external

channel strategy.

Begin deployment in selected areas of the workplace

to enhance communication and collaboration.

If you deploy social computing in business-to-business

situations, expect the same benefits as in the internal

workplace: Enhanced communication, collaboration

and access to information.

CIOs see social computing as a security and privacy

threat. Business leaders in marketing, sales and product

development view it as the next wave in engaging

employees, partners, suppliers and customers, and as

essential to evolving the enterprise channel strategy.

With these interests at odds, the CEO is likely to ask

the follo