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Team preparation and member selection are crucial to the success of the entire six sigma DMAIC process. Without the appropriate preparation, the team will be unable to identify or properly define the problem, and that could lead to the eventual failure of the six sigma initiative. Selecting the right team with all the skills necessary for defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling the process will go a long way in ensuring the success of the initiative. The case states that after selecting the six team members, the team underwent a weeklong six sigma training process. This training must have helped bridge the knowledge gap for any team members who were not up to speed with six sigma processes and helped the team in progressing more smoothly through the DMAIC stages. It is also important to select team members with a diverse skill set since the DMAIC process requires a wide range of skills to successfully implement. In team selection, the following principles are important since they can make or break the project: (1) Team selection must address the problem, and team member skills and knowledge should meet the project needs; (2) The team must have subject matter experts who possess knowledge of the process being improved; (3) Team members must possess a diverse range of skills – technical, practical, analytical, interpersonal; (4) An ideal team size of 4-8 team members would ensure a good mix of skills and keep con