A new type of screening for lung cnacer, CT, has been developed. - 74638

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A new type of screening for lung cancer , CT, has been developed. Medical researchers believe that CT scans are more sensitive than regular X-rays in pinpointing small tumors. A university is conducting a medical trial of 50,000 smokers nationwide to compare the effectiveness of CT scans with X-rays  for detecting lung cancer… One goal of the study is to compare the mean ages when cancer is first detected  by the two screening methods.


a.            The response variable of the study:




b.            Experimental units of the study:




c.             Factors in the study:




d.            Treatments in the study:




A study of Machiavellian traits in consultants was performed… The consultants were then classified  as having dishonest, neutral, or honest Mach rating scores. The researcher investigated the impact of both Mach score and gender on the average income of a consultant.


a.            Experimental units:




b.            Response variable:




c.             The factors:




d.            Levels of each factor:




The levels for gender are male and female.


e.            Treatments:




What conditions must n satisfy to make the x^2 test valid?




Which term below refers to the descriptors of variables computed from sample data used to estimate those same variables in the population?




Which term below refers to a controlled, randomized procedure that assures that each population element is given a known, nonzero chance of selection into a study’s sample?




When selecting a convenience sample , element selection is based on.



Involves assigning numbers or other symbols to answers so that the responses can be grouped into a limited number of categories.




Which type of chart uses bars to represent data values such that each value occupies an equal amount of area within an enclosed area?




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A new type o