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“The rise and fall of Eastman Kodak: Will it survive beyond 2012?” located in the textbook. Assume that you have been hired by Kodak as a business consultant to recommend a new corporate-level strategy for the company to improve declining sales, increase profitability, and expand the company to the Cloud service industry.

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Eastman Kodak was once a leader and a leading brand in the photographic film industry. As a business consultant, I would implement these findings based on the assessment of the options open to the company. I have made an analysis, proposal and explained the strategic direction for the company to implement in the next three to five years.  This is one of the companies that have been a victim of disruptive technology. They have managed to come out of bankruptcy and restructuring needs to be done.


Though Kodak has tried to change from the traditional film technology business into a more vibrant digital market, it has failed due to a decline in sales globally.  It is still trying to match its competitors like Hp, Sony and Canon. A Kodak (2010) report says that Kodak has expanded to offer products and services that include digital cameras, inkjet printers, and sensors. Kodak has managed to generate strong revenue through digital markets, including cameras, and creating a niche market in computed radiography and radiography systems like Kodak Directview Pacs System 5.


Kodak is a more superior brand in comparison to its competitors like Agfa. Kodak being a brand that many recognized put it above the rest in the market in terms of brand loyalty.


Rapid decline in demand for traditional photography merchandise in developed countr

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