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You are interested in conducting a descriptive study of the riders of Harley Davidson motorcycles. Complete an analysis of this population’s structure and characteristics using the checklist provided below. Respond to each question on the checklist 1. On the following line, identify the particular population you have chosen: 2. Now answer the following questions with respect to the structure of the population: a. Is the population a relatively homogeneous group of individuals or other units? ___Yes ___No b. Could the population be considered to consist generally of equal “layers” each of which is fairly homogeneous in structure? ___Yes ___No c. Could the population be considered to be composed of separate homogeneous layers differing in size and number of units comprising them? ___Yes ___ No d. Could the population be envisioned as isolated islands or clusters of individual units, with the clusters being similar to one another composition? ___Yes ___ No 3. Through what means would you extract a representative sample from the total population? Describe your procedure below: 4. Have you guaranteed that your sample will be chosen by chance and yet will be representative of your population? ___Yes ___No 5. If the preceding answer is yes, explain how this will be done. 6. Indicate what means will be employed to obtain the information you need from the sample. 7. What are the weaknesses inherent in this method of obtaining the data? 8. What safeguards have you established to counteract any potential bias in your approach to data collection? Be specific.
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(1) Population is All riders of Harley Davidson motorcycles

(2) (a) No  (b) No  (c) Yes  (d) No

(3) A stratified sampling technique can be used here. We can divide the population of Harley Davidson bike riders into two or even three strata based on age. One kind of division can