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Part A: Answer each of the following questions in a composition of 10-15 sentences.

Vinnie, a 72-year-old millionaire woke up to a sudden and sharp pain in his abdomen in the early hours of the morning. To his horror, his intestines were spilling out of a wound the size of a navel orange.  Grasping his belly with one hand, he used the other to call 911 for help




1.      As the prosecutor, what, if any, charges would you bring against Susie?




2. What, if any, charges would you bring against Doris? Discuss fully.




3. If you find that the women conspired to commit any crime, discuss whether either could claim she withdrew from the conspiracy.


4. What defenses would you raise in defense of Doris? Discuss fully.


5. Assuming both women are arrested, which of the two is more culpable for the death of Vinnie.






6. Did either woman have motive to want Vinnie dead? Discuss fully.


Part B: Answer each of the following questions in two to five sentences.


1.      Define the difference between a crime and a tort.




2. What are the elements of “homicide”?


3. How is robbery different from burglary?

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