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BUS 415 500651RR - The sources and collection of data (Penn Foster)
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1. In a study of grocery shopping behavior, one of the questions asked was, "Why do you shop at this grocery store?" The question was a multiple-choice, closed-ended question and offered the following response options: (a) it is near my home, (b) it is on my way home from work, (c) the prices are reasonable, (d) it offers a good selection, and (e) it stocks the items I like to buy. This question should be redesigned because

A. it's double-barreled.

B. it's too general.

C. it requests sensitive information that people might not answer.

D. the response options aren't mutually exclusive.

2. The ordinal measurement scale

A. provides for an absolute zero or origin.

B. can be grouped into two or more categories that are mutually exclusive and

collectively exhaustive.

C. includes a fixed or equal interval.

D. includes an indication of order or sequence.

3. The New York Times dining section rates the restaurants it reviews using a system such that one star means good, two stars means very good, three stars means excellent, and four stars means extraordinary. Which of the following characteristics are exhibited by this rating scheme?

A. Classification only

B. Classification, order, and distance

C. Classification and order

D. Classification, order, distance, and origin

4. The data obtained from a Stapel scale can be analyzed in the same way as data obtained with a _______scale.

A. multiple-choice, multiple-response

B. dichotomous

C. constant sum

D. semantic differential

5. A lakefront resort is planning for its summer busy season. It wishes to estimate with 95 percent confidence the average number of nights each guest will stay in a consecutive visit. Using a sample of guests who stayed last year, the average number of nights per guest is calculated at 5 nights. The standard deviation of the sample is 1.5 nights. The size of the sample used is 120 guests and the resort desires a precision of plus or minus .5 nights. What is the standard error of the mean?

A. 0.065

B. 0.96

C. 0.5

D. 1.96

6. A _______ scale measures the psychological meanings of an attitude object using bipolar adjectives.

A. semantic differential

B. Stapel

C. constant-sum

D. summated rating

7. Which of the following statements about the number of scale points is false?

A. Reliability increases as the number of scale points increase.

B. Validity decreases as the number of scale points increase.

C. Larger numbers of scale points provide the ability to extract more variance.

D. Additional scale points increase measurement sensitivity.

8. Choosing between the questions "Do you think the distribution of soft drinks is adequate?" (Incorrect) and "Do you think soft drinks are readily available when you want to buy them?" (Correct) is an example of

A. ensuring the right frame of reference.

B. avoiding leading questions.

C. presuming knowledge.

D. avoiding biased words.

9. Which of the following statements is true of multiple-choice questions?

A. They're appropriate when there are more than two alternatives.

B. They cover sociological-demographic variables for later grouping and study of revealed patterns.

C. They require