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500649RR - The Design of Research (BUS 415) Penn Foster
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1. The use of a/an _______ serves as a comparison to assess the existence and potency of the


            A. explanatory variable

            B. experimental group

            C. control group

            D. criterion variable

2. Exploratory research is finished in all of the following situations except when

            A. hypotheses are developed.

            B. additional research is necessary.

            C. the major dimensions of the research task are established.

            D. the range and scope of management decisions are established.

3. Jason is developing a research design for a study of wine drinkers. The target population is widely dispersed. Jason needs to collect data on past consumption behavior and intentions for future behavior. Which type of data collection method is most appropriate for Jason's project?

            A. Monitoring

            B. Communication

            C. Experimental

            D. Observation

4. In the study of bystanders and thieves presented in the text, participants are invited to a store where they see someone steal the purse of another customer. The accosted shopper and the thief are really acting their parts to set the stage for the experiment. Participants view the robbery alone or with another participant. The study sought to determine whether participants were more likely to report a robbery when they observe it alone or in the company of another person. In this study, what is the independent variable?

            A. Reaction of the