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Until recently, the crime victim was virtually ignored. Discuss the changes that have occurred relating to victim’s rights?

Compare the Uniform Crime Report and the National Crime Victimization Survey. Discuss the differences in each data source, including their validity

Part B: Answer each of the following questions in one to three sentences.

Name and briefly describe four of the six functions (purposes) of criminal law.

Differentiate the terms crime, criminology, and criminal justice.

Describe and contrast rational choice and developmental theories.

What is Terrorism? Give at least two examples to illustrate your definition?

Describe both occasional and professional criminals, including the motivation factors of each.

Discuss organized crime, including its characteristics and activities?


Discuss the pros and cons of plea bargaining.

You’ve just been arrested on a felony charge. Describe the complete court process that ultimately leads to an innocent verdict by a jury.

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#4 Criminology ...