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3-2 Final Project Milestone One: Introduction and Analysis Plan
Introduction to the problem
Description of Scenarios 
A-Cat Corporation, a leader in electric energy in the country of India, has been experiencing unpredictable revenue marks due to the dynamic characteristics of their current market. Currently, they have been placing most of their business efforts into rural India, minimizing the amount of effort and attention needed for the surrounding markets. This has caused unpredictable forecasts and impacts their ability to budget and forecast revenue for upcoming quarters. The utilities industry is one of the most dynamic industries, as customer usage changes on a month to month basis and can drastically fluctuate from previous occurrences. 
In addition to being unable to predict forecasting, sales revenue has slowly begun to decrease, and worry has begun to set in amongst upper management. This decrease in sales impacts upper management and all of the investors involved in A-Cat corporation. The following information is an analysis plan for how A-Cat corporation can overcome their revenue forecasting issue. 
Analysis Plan
Quantifiable Factors
In order to improve upon analyzation of the